Amaranth-radish salad

Amaranth-radish salad

A good and tasty "spring" salad, which will help you resume the lack of vitamins, which formed after the winter. Prepare it is not difficult, especially if the amaranth and radish grow in your garden.


  • • Green leaves of amaranth 250 grams;
  • • Radish 250 grams;
  • • Young onions 1 bunch;
  • • Eggs 2 pcs.


Cut amaranth leaves and radish, you need to cut the leaves fairly finely, preferably as cabbage for salad. Eggs boil hard and grate on a grater or cut into small cubes in a salad.

You can season salad with vegetable oil, mayonnaise or sour cream. It is advisable to give the salad a few hours to insist that the ingredients let the juice, and the salad has acquired the best taste. Salt and other spices are added to taste.

If you beautifully put salad in a bowl and decorate with parsley, dill or other greens, it will be an excellent addition to any festive table. Salad is very tasty and will suit meat, fish and any cold or hot appetizers. In addition, amaranth is very useful for health, and promotes weight loss. Therefore, it is an excellent component of any even the most rigid diet.

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