Losing weight through diet with amaranth.

Losing weight through diet with amaranth.

Weight loss through diet with amaranth.

Overweight, №1 enemy not only many women of various ages. He is the enemy of health, since obesity is guaranteed come with health problems, and to lose weight is very difficult. Millions of women are sitting on a wide variety of diets to lose weight, and in many cases, such a diet invented by people who have nothing to do with nutrition and medicine, are harmful to health. The result is a vicious circle where women are constantly gaining something, then lose weight, and get out of it is almost impossible, even if the sample each time another diet.

Why it is best to lose weight on a diet with amaranth

Choosing weight loss diet with amaranth, you do not just lose weight, but also simultaneously improve health and skin, and at the same time and rejuvenate the body. Therefore amaranth compared with other dietary products has many advantages.

Amaranth grain, and therefore the porridge itself is an invaluable source of squalene - a substance which is the main material of the skin. Since amaranth grain was forgotten for centuries, only squalene extracted from the liver of deep-sea shark, and therefore he was very expensive, as well as cosmetics with its use. But it amaranth grain 7-8%, by eating amaranth porridge or sprouted amaranth, squalene is actively absorbed by the body and refreshes the skin. This means that the amaranth is the most effective remedy for skin problems and diseases. Pimples, acne, oiliness and dryness of the skin, most of the serious skin disease within a few weeks of use of amaranth are gone forever.

Most diets, despite the presence of fruit and salads are one-sided, and the body is deprived of the necessary materials for the work. Naturally he draws them out of the internal resources, resulting in weight loss begins. But this approach is harmful to health, most nutritionists in recent years, are inclined to believe that weight loss should not take place at the expense of depriving the body of vitamins and nutrients, and by speeding up the metabolism. It provides a permanent result and does not harm the body. Such diets are developed, but they are very expensive and most women can not afford to let them acquire and develop such a valuable nutritionists next decade is unlikely to be giving away free.

Amaranth, diet dish, but it has all the material necessary for the body material. Most researchers compared the composition of amaranth with mother's milk, as it contains nutrients, full of vitamins, minerals complex. But thanks to this combination, amaranth not only nourishes the body and stimulates the metabolism and removes toxins and heavy metals. In addition amaranth is not deposited in the body fat, and is fully absorbed by the body. As a result, a diet with amaranth, you'll feel great, and you will not have a breakdown, as is often the case with rigid diets.

Amaranth contains no gluten, so it is suitable for anyone. Also gluten-free diet has shown to be effective both in the treatment and for weight loss. In medical centers often use gluten-free diet, even if patients do not have gluten intolerance, and as the practice of the health of patients improved significantly more. Therefore, a gluten-free diet has proven effective.

The gluten-free diet is useful

About intolerance to gluten and its harmful effects on the body, you can read the article on our blog, we have devoted to to look into the matter, here we look at what is useful in the gluten-free diet weight loss plan.

Agree, losing weight in the first place is due to the fact that you begin to consume fewer calories. But if you are just starting a diet tempted to eat snacks will be very great. Gluten-free diet reduces appetite, as proven by nutritionists. So a week later giving up gluten, you can look calmly to such tasty, but unhealthy sweets and figures, and start to actively lose weight without harmful effects to the body in a natural way.

The best results gives the gluten-free diet in combination with exercise. So you burn more calories and thus greatly improves the figure. You do not have to go to the gym, you can just start to do aerobics, yoga or just do exercises in the morning. Believe me, giving up gluten and started a little play sports, you will achieve great results and be able to throw 8-9 kilos in a month, and it will not be temporary, and permanent results.

Diets amaranth tea and porridge

Depending on what you want to achieve results, you should choose the most suitable diet for you. Below we will explain the basic rules of how to use amaranth to lose weight, and give us proven diets that allow you to quickly and permanently get rid of the extra kilos. In addition, we recommend completely abandon the gluten, it will help you not only find out if you have a gluten intolerance, but also help to improve health, and to get rid of many small sores and chronic diseases. After all, the gluten is considered the main enemy of the immune system, therefore waived very useful for health.

Diet number 1, for quick weight loss and cleansing the body

With this diet you can throw 3-4 and more kilograms per week, depending on what level of excess weight you have. However, immediately warned that the diet is pretty tough and you have to largely restrict themselves, so be prepared for some discomfort.


1 cup amaranth tea. Brew need one teaspoon per 250 ml of water. Tea simply pour boiling water and give infusions of 10-15. You need to drink for 10 minutes before eating. Tea diet in all cases need to brew this way, and it is an obligatory part, as cleanses the body and allows it to heal as much as possible. In addition, tea is a required element of all the diet options, it is best you do not perceive it as a healing tea, but as a slimming tea.

Of course especially if you are working, and if you just do housework, you need energy to survive the day. So in the morning you need to prepare a 75-100 grams amaranth porridge for breakfast. Just to warn you that the porridge is very satisfying, and contains a lot of useful substances. But do not be afraid, because it is completely absorbed by the body, and from the amaranth porridge impossible to recover. Compare it with the oatmeal can be, except that the amaranth porridge does not contain gluten. From him we also recommend to abstain. The porridge can add raisins, nuts or a little dried fruit to taste, and can be a bit sweeten with honey (do not use sugar).


At lunch, too, need to drink a cup of tea before eating amaranth, it a mandatory part of any diet with amaranth, as an additional catalyst of metabolism. For lunch you can at its discretion, the main thing that the products do not contain gluten and are not too caloric. It can be a dietary meat with legumes, a small portion of fish with rice, potatoes or a little fried, cooked in the gluten-free oil. Within reasonable limits (be careful not to overdo it with calories), you can eat anything. For lunch, a snack should be mandatory, otherwise you risk to acquire stomach problems.


In fact, when this diet dinner must fully replicate breakfast and tea is a small amount of amaranth porridge.


In the afternoon between meals techniques, approximately equal intervals of time you need to drink a minimum on half a liter of clean water. Be sure to take just drinking water, not mineral, as a large number of trace elements may negatively affect the condition of your body. Drink plenty of fluids is necessary to cleanse the body, as the amaranth porridge and tea will not only cleanse the digestive tract and the liver, and with the urogenital system, so a large amount of liquid to be sure to use.

This diet is at first glance a rather soft, but with amaranth and the absence of gluten, you are guaranteed to throw off the first week of a minimum of 2 kilograms, and then weight normalization process will be much faster, and in a week you will lose up to 4 kilos, if you are overweight . And of course, you should not forget about exercise, it will throw off the weight much faster.

This diet is already tested dozens of women, and are very satisfied with the result, as they were able to normalize your weight and the extra weight to them is no longer returned. 

Diet № 2, for mild weight loss and improve skin condition

From the first version of this diet differs only in that it is softer, of course tea and amaranth porridge in the morning and in the evening the mandatory elements. But in the afternoon you can afford to eat and tightly after you drink tea. Do not be afraid that the weight starts to leave. Through amaranth porridge and tea, your body will start to gently remove the excess kilograms.


Do not forget the Golden Rule, is not right before bedtime. After all, food is digested in a dream in a different way, so dinner should be at least two hours before bedtime, it will not only throw off the weight, and improve your sleep.

The second rule, avoid foods that contain gluten and completely eliminate them from your diet. Gluten is the enemy of every woman who wants to lose weight. There are plenty of delicious foods that do not contain gluten. And as mentioned above, if you remove gluten from the diet, your appetite will decrease. After all, the hardest part of any diet, it is to keep yourself from extra calories.

With this diet you will lose weight a little slower than in the diet for quick weight loss, but in the past month to throw 5-6 kilos you get a very easy and simple. And while you will not have the constant feeling of hunger.

Diet number 3, for the lazy

If your goal is simply to throw 1-2 kilos or just to insure themselves against not to gain extra weight, this diet is for you. After all, you do not need to deny yourself anything, but simply add certain foods to your diet.

The essence of the diet is this, you just have to drink a cup of amaranth tea in the morning and evening, and breakfast just eat amaranth porridge. The rest of the meals you can spend at its discretion. The only slight warning, just try to eat less bread and foods that contain sugar and gluten. Since diet is for the lazy, we are not saying that you need to completely abandon the gluten and sugar. If you want to eat one or more of the candy diet it does not hurt, as well as a slice of bread for lunch. Main slightly reduce the amount of gluten in food.

This diet showed quite good results, because due to the acceleration of metabolism, which stimulates the amaranth, the body gets rid of the guaranteed extra kilos.


In conclusion, I want to tell you one simple truth that everyone should know. Effective weight loss depends on two factors, your morale and your diet. You should tune it on slimming morally and mentally to be prepared for the fact that the weight will go away from you. In addition there are a lot of harmful products, for convenience foods, sweets and bread, are guaranteed to lead to the fact that you are overweight appear. So you need to eliminate the most of these foods from the diet, at least for a while until you lose weight.

These diets amaranth our joint development with nutritionists. After all, amaranth has been for many centuries undeservedly forgotten, so even in the US where the gluten-free movement is gaining momentum with each passing year, the diet is based on amaranth are not yet developed.

In addition, our tea is composed of five varieties of amaranth, and combines all their useful properties. Women who have tried different slimming teas and then tried our tea contend that both the taste and the effect on weight loss, he is much better than a well-publicized teas.

So if you want to lose weight, and at the same time improve their health, try a diet based on amaranth tea and porridge. And in a week you will see the first results.

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