About Us

Our company "Amaranth Ukraine" was founded in 2007 as an agronomist-scientist Alexander Deynega Klimentievich. We were the first company in Ukraine, which started producing certified seeds of amaranth for agriculture. Over time we have expanded production and began to produce environmentally friendly products from amaranth. We are constantly expanding the production and distributes natural, organic products from amaranth.

history of the company

Founder Deynega Klimentievich Alexander turned his attention to amaranth in 1990, when he was head of the "everybody" in a collective farm. Alekseevka Veselinovsky district, Mykolaiv region. The situation on the farm was very difficult, the number of pigs on the farm specialized in the cultivation of which was more than 7000, and feed lacked. It was then that Alexander Klimentievich took a bold step and decided to start to grow amaranth for fodder. He bought the seeds of amaranth, "Giant", and planted area of ​​10 hectares, with its increasing every year until it reached 100 hectares. Half of the area was used as green fodder, and two months later, the lack of feed oversalting be a problem. From an area of ​​50 hectares was harvested right amount of silage in the winter. Since on one hectare amaranth seed requires only 1 kg of seeds sown on the costs have been minimized, and moreover does not require amaranth fertilizers and herbicides, therefore its low cultivation cost. A food made of amaranth, highly nutritious and contributes 30% increase in weight gain in comparison with conventional feedstuffs.

Impressed with these results Alexander Klimentievich started in-depth study of amaranth, its use in agriculture and food industry, the technology of its cultivation and processing. These studies led to the fact that the seed company "Amaranth Ukraine" was founded in 2007. With the founding of the company began to spread and improvement of amaranth cultivation technology.

Development of the company

After the founding of the company "Amaranth Ukraine" occupies only a few years the cultivation of amaranth seeds, its study and improvement of cultivation technology. Since the demand for amaranth gradually began to increase, the expanded activities of the company.

We began to produce not only the seeds, and amaranth, and butter, cereals and flour from amaranth, herbal tea and pelleted feed. All products are manufactured in our workshops, manually. The number of permanent employees in our company is small, only three. For the season the leaves collecting tea, crops and seed collection during other field work, the number of staff increased to 10 persons. We have 4 workshop facilities for the production and packaging of products, all work is carried out manually with maximum control of product quality.

Crops Amaranth our company is relatively small 30-50 ha, because we have a full cycle of production of seeds and products from amaranth. When growing amaranth we do not use fertilizers and herbicides. That is why we always guarantee customers not only high quality products but also its environmental friendliness.

We are constantly working to improve the environmentally friendly cultivation of amaranth, expanding our product range. Amaranth is really a unique plant that is universal in its purpose. It is a medicinal plant, cereal and green fodder in one stalk. That is why every year amaranth growing in popularity.