Bio food of amaranth

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Bio food of amaranth

Livestock, for maximum impact, both in the industrial and private scale requires high-quality fortified food. Most households buy vitamin concentrates which have a negative impact on the animals and products of such farms, whether poultry, pig farm or barn, can not be called clean. After all, artificial feed is not completely decomposed in the body of animals, and naturally fall in production. But now there is a great alternative, bio food amaranth, that eco-friendly, have no chemical additives, and give excellent results in animal husbandry.

Features Bio forages from amaranth

Amaranth in animal is valuable because it contains 18 of the 20 amino acids at its grains, vitamins and minerals as well as agents, which contribute to the total absorption of food. Therefore, bio food of amaranth exceeds most vitamin concentrates which are used in animal husbandry. That is amazing, the food suitable for all kinds of pets, it can be used during the growth and maintenance of:


  • • Poultry;
  • • Goats and sheep;
  • • rabbits and nutria;
  • • The pigs of any breed;
  • • The cattle;


Due to the unique composition of amaranth grain, it improves weight gain, stimulates the growth of poultry, enhances milk production and increases the fat content of milk. Amaranth also known for its bactericidal properties. Therefore, the use of bio food of amaranth are guaranteed to protect your farm from most diseases, and you do not have to use antibiotics, which adversely affect the quality of meat and animal products.

Bio food amaranth, environmentally friendly product that does not have impurities and chemical additives. But the application of bio food of amaranth can be achieved simply unique results. Just add 20-30% amaranth feed to the main, and after a few days you will see results.

Organic food from "Amaranth Ukraine"

Our company "Amaranth Ukraine", the first who began to produce organic food amaranth in Ukraine. We grow amaranth in our fields, collect it and recycle in our workshops. Due to the complete cycle of production, we guarantee high quality and environmental friendliness of our products. Buying our food, you are guaranteed to get:


  • • Certified product from the manufacturer;
  • • an affordable price;
  • • For regular customers accumulative discount;
  • • The delivery of and payment for any convenient way for you.


We work with wholesale and retail customers, and you can always guarantee timely deliveries, as you buy from a manufacturer, not a mediator. For wholesale customers we are always special conditions that will allow to save on the purchase of fodder.

Place an order today, and you can as soon as possible to increase the productivity of their farms.