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A feature of cosmetic products using natural amaranth is the high content of squalene. Since squalene is found in the natural constituents of soap, it does not oxidize, and at the same time maximally beneficial effects on the skin, as it contains, in addition to squalene, a complex of minerals and vitamins. Therefore, cosmetics with amaranth, an order of magnitude ahead of even the famous brands on the beneficial effects on the skin.

Effect of amaranth on the skin

Due to the fact that amaranth has a high content of squalene, it has a positive effect on the skin, and helps to get rid of such problems as:


  • • Dryness and fat content of the skin;
  • • Acne and acne;
  • • Fine wrinkles;
  • • Spots on the skin;
  • • Stretching;
  • • Cellulite (orange peel);
  • • Irritation and abrasion;
  • • Dandruff;
  • • Fungal diseases.


Due to the content of squalene and other substances useful to the skin, amaranth actively but gently, it affects the skin, heals and rejuvenates it. In this case, no aggressive effects on the skin occur, as happens when using artificially created components of cosmetics that help solve only one problem, but cause a number of others.

Amaranth affects the skin in a complex way, saturating it with oxygen and beneficial substances. This contributes to the correct and active growth of young and healthy skin cells, due to which it is updated, and becomes tender and healthy.

It is the abnormal growth of skin cells, the slowing of their growth and the replacement of the epidermis are the cause of most of the problems and skin diseases. But cosmetic products with natural amaranth, allow to solve this problem. Since they are most useful for the skin and act only in natural ways.

Features of our cosmetics with amaranth

All cosmetics, produced by our company "Amaranth of Ukraine", are made only from environmentally friendly products. Amaranth for raw materials we grow on our fields, in ecologically clean conditions. We do not use fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides and other plant treatment products. Amaranth grows and reaches in a natural way. Additional ingredients for cosmetics we buy only from trusted suppliers who have certificates of ecological purity of their products. Also, we conduct additional checks of raw materials for the absence of pollutants in them.

All cosmetics are handmade, since only this approach allows you to control all stages of production, and to guarantee the highest quality to customers. All production processes from mixing raw materials to packaging are controlled by experienced specialists. Thanks to the advanced technology of manual production, we can also guarantee that all natural elements of our cosmetics will actively help the skin to improve.

Since we are a manufacturer of cosmetics with natural amaranth, then in our store you can buy cosmetics at the most affordable cost. In addition to find in stores or pharmacies, our cosmetics from the amaranth you can not. Buy it only at authorized points of sale, or in our online store.

Cosmetics with natural amaranth have practically no contraindications, since they contain only natural elements that do not cause rejection and are perceived by the body. Only 0.02% of people experience a slight allergic reaction to amaranth components.

Our products have passed all tests, and have shown themselves only from the best side. Their impact on the skin is really unique, and many who tried our products consider it a revolutionary breakthrough in cosmetics, since similar cosmetic products with a comprehensive health effect are not in the cosmetics market.

Order from us natural cosmetics based on amaranth, and after a couple of days of application you will see how much the condition of your skin will improve. Amaranth is certainly not a panacea, but thanks to its unique composition, it is as close to it as possible, and even ginseng outstrips the beneficial effects.