Herbal tea from amaranth

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Phyto "Amaranth mix with Melissa and lofant"

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Herbal tea from amaranth  - therapeutic and preventive means unique in its composition and action. Not only grain and oil from amaranth useful for the organism, tea from the leaves and inflorescences of amaranth, also contributes to the improvement of the body and prevention of many diseases. Tea made from amaranth, it is able to replace the coffee, but it will not adversely affect the body, and vice versa, will give strength and support it. The effect of tea from amaranth can be felt as early as the first week of application, you will feel a burst of energy, and the body will always be on our toes.

Indications for use of amaranth herbal tea

Amaranth tea has virtually no contraindications to use, and is suitable for both adults and children. Useful action is really unique as amaranth tea treats active disease, and contributes to the prevention of diseases of the whole organism.

Tea is used:

  • • To strengthen the immunity of the body;
  • • In the treatment of digestive and cardiovascular systems;
  • • For the prevention and treatment of urogenital system;
  • • In diseases of the respiratory system (pneumonia, bronchitis, pleurisy, pneumonia);
  • • For the prevention and correction of metabolic and endocrine disorders (obesity, goiter, type 2 diabetes, vitamin deficiency, anemia);
  • • To stop and prevent bleeding (menstrual disorders, hemoptysis, hemorrhoids, uterine bleeding);
  • • For the treatment of pain in the spine, bones and joints (arthritis or arthritic joints, osteochondrosis, hernia);
  • • To remove the inflammation of the skin and mucous membranes;
  • • When conjunctivitis eyewash;
  • • To stimulate lactation in nursing mothers;
  • • When insomnia;
  • • To normalize the nervous system;
  • • When frigidity and impotence;
  • • To improve the quality of sperm and increase the susceptibility of female egg;
  • • To clean the gastrointestinal tract of mucus and harmful bacteria;
  • • If alcohol intoxication (alcohol out of the body and helps to cope with a hangover);
  • • If stress, chronic fatigue and irritability.

Such a beneficial effect on the entire body due to the tea composition, it contains up to 10% ascorbic acid, up to 10% pectin and 5% of polyphenols and unique vitamin-mineral complex, which is unique in the plant world. No wonder the Incas and the Aztecs called amaranth "gift of the gods", as virtually the entire plant can be eaten, and tea from it, contributes to the overall improvement of the body.

Phyto amaranth in our store

Our company "Amaranth Ukraine" company, which fully implements the complete production cycle.

For tea production, we use the 5 varieties of amaranth to make tea the most saturated with useful substances. Inflorescence upper and amaranth leaves collected at a certain stage of maturity when the concentration of these nutrients in the body to the maximum. Then they are dried and processed manually crushed and reaching readiness. When grinding the feedstock leaves Amaranthus also sorted, only pieces of leaves 3-5 mm in diameter, enter the tea, as it leaves the pulp which contains the maximum amount of nutrients. Thus eliminated the veins of leaves and stems. After that, the tea goes aeration and packaged.

Our experts have developed a special package which allows you to save all the useful properties of herbal tea. Since we have environmentally friendly products, the packaging itself is made from natural materials, it does not give tea eroding and protects from moisture.

 Here you can buy herbal tea:

  • • Amaranth mix;
  • • Amaranth mix with Melissa and lofant.

Buying from us, you are guaranteed to get a quality certified product from the manufacturer, at the best price. Products manufactured and packaged in our production facilities, and we guarantee the quality and ecological purity of the product.

Buying from us, you protect yourself from counterfeit, because we are the only enterprise in Ukraine with the full cycle of production of herbal tea from amaranth.