The company "Amaranth Ukraine", a registered trademark, which is available in all the registers of Ukraine. We are the best producer of amaranth seed and environmentally friendly products based on it. This is proven by our certificates of quality products.

You can always check our own company the State Register of Seed and garden material for 2016.

We sell not just the grain amaranth, like other manufacturers, namely pure seed that is guaranteed to give a good harvest.

Together with all our seeds we provide to the client:


  • • Quality Certificate;
  • • Guarantee;
  • • The technology of cultivation and the cultivation of amaranth;
  • • routing.


We always guarantee a high similarity amaranth, clean planting material and the absence of impurities other varieties of amaranth. So you get a pure culture.

All products from amaranth on our site also have quality certificates. 

In the event of disputes, you can always contact us, we will advise you and make a replacement product if necessary.

In the market of products from amaranth, we have more than 10 years, and is constantly working to improve the quality of our products and increase service levels