Amaranth grain gluten-free wholegrain 900g.

Amaranth grain gluten-free wholegrain 900g.

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  • Amaranth grain production of "Amaranth Ukraine" - an environmentally friendly product, the best producer price does not ..
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Amaranth grain production of "Amaranth Ukraine" - an environmentally friendly product, the best producer price does not contain gluten.

There are many dietary and just healthy foods, but amaranth flour, honored leader in this list. It will help get rid of the majority of health problems or state of health, normalize your weight, and help significantly improve the skin condition. In nature there is no plant like amaranth, which would comprehensively put in order the whole body, not just some of its features.

Useful properties and application of amaranth grain

Amaranth grain, and therefore the groats from it has a unique and balanced composition, and it contains a complex of vitamins and minerals, a large number of vegetable protein, squalene and other useful substances for the body. Of the 20 amino acids in amaranth contains 18, so it can be considered a treasure trove of useful things for the body.

Furthermore, amaranth grain contains no gluten, vegetable protein, which is the most grains, and an extremely negative impact on health. Therefore, amaranth grain with gluten-free diet is recommended.

The most common use at Amaranth:


  • • Problems with weight and blood sugar levels;
  • • Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • • Diseases of the kidneys and liver;
  • • Illness and poor skin condition (acne, acne, oily or dry skin);
  • • neurological diseases;
  • • Prevention and treatment of cancer;
  • • Circulatory system problems (high or low blood pressure, anemia);
  • • Prevention and treatment of viral diseases.


To get a feel for all the useful properties of amaranth grain, just to add to the diet of 75-100 grams of porridge every day. Within two weeks you will see the improvement of health, well-being and appearance. After amaranth grain helps to rejuvenate the body.

In our store, you can buy amaranth grain on the price of the manufacturer. In addition, we ourselves grow amaranth and recycle it. Due to the complete cycle of production, we can always guarantee you high quality and environmental friendliness of our products.

Having made the order in our store, you buy the product directly from the manufacturer, respectively, receive a guarantee of quality (all products sertifichirovana), and protect themselves from counterfeiting. We care about our customers and appreciate their trust, so only sell high quality products from amaranth.

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Использую для безглютеновой диеты. Быстро готовиться.


Слава богу нет.

Покупаю в этом магазине уже два года амарантовую крупу. У меня не переносимость глютена. Могу отметить очень положительный результат при употреблении амарантовой крупы.
Побочных эффектов никаких нет. Мне нравится по вкусу. Спасибо Вам.

Admin Reply:

Спасибо большое Светлана за отзыв, будем стараться держать качество.

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