Grain Amaranth organic 25 kg

Grain Amaranth organic 25 kg

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  • Amaranth organic grain in the best packaging produced by "Amaranth Ukraine." The product is certified, it does not conta..
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Amaranth organic grain in the best packaging produced by "Amaranth Ukraine." The product is certified, it does not contain gluten, favorable price!

Amaranth organic seed - a product that concentrates in itself all the useful properties of this plant. Grains rich in vitamins, minerals, protein, squalene and biologically active substances that contribute to the overall improvement of the body. The hard shell of the grain, concentrates the maximum amount of nutrients, so the use of amaranth grain for food, will help you get rid of many problems.


Indications for use of amaranth grain

Amaranth grain has virtually no contraindications to the use, except in cases of allergy to certain substances contained therein. The value of amaranth in its saturation nutrients. It has squalene, lysine, minerals and vitamins, biologically active substances which positively influence the organism, high vegetable protein and do not contain gluten.


Therefore, amaranth seed is used:

  • · To strengthen the immune system;
  • · For normalizitsii and weight reduction;
  • · When skin diseases and skin problems;
  • · For the normalization of work and treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • · For the prevention and treatment of diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • · When frigidity and impotence
  • · For the treatment of insomnia and improve sleep;
  • · For the excretion of heavy metals, toxins and radionuclides;
  • · To improve vision and prevent eye diseases;
  • · When a gluten-free diet;
  • · When anorexia and degeneration;
  • · In diseases of the joints and bones.

Eat amaranth seed crushing a can in any dish, it can be cooked as a cereal, in salads or main dishes, germinate. What is particularly noteworthy, amaranth seeds are very good nutty flavor, so this porridge is sure to appeal to both children and adults. When cooking in the amaranth seed, you can add honey, dried fruit, cinnamon and other spices to taste. So every day you can treat yourself and your family tasty and very healthy dishes. In addition, you can use amaranth grain for growing young shoots amaranth, which are used in salads and main dishes as an alternative kale, spinach or sorrel.

Important! Amaranth grain - not seed and raw materials for the manufacture of products from amaranth. It can be used in food for germination and cultivation of young shoots in salad. We can not guarantee you the same productivity and the similarity of that quality seeds of amaranth. Using edible amaranth grain for sowing, you take full responsibility!


We do not just sell, and themselves produce organic amaranth grain. On our fields we sow amaranth and grow it. Since we do not use any chemicals in growing for fertilizer and weed control, we guarantee you that our amaranth grain cleaner. Processing and packaging of crop also takes place in our workshops. We have certificates of quality for the entire range of our products.

By purchasing in our store amaranth grain, you are guaranteed to protect yourself from counterfeit goods and gain as much competitive package and is priced from producer. Make a reservation today, and very soon you will see that your well-being and health will be much better.

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