Amaranth oil in capsules 120 pcs.

Amaranth oil in capsules 120 pcs.

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  • Amaranth seeds oil first cold pressing. Produced in our workshops of us grown in environmentally friendly conditions of ..
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Amaranth seeds oil first cold pressing. Produced in our workshops of us grown in environmentally friendly conditions of raw materials. Collection and processing of crops carried out by hand, grain quality is constantly monitored and the whole process works. We offer you an environmentally friendly product, produced by traditional technologies, which will be the most beneficial to your health.

Composition and action of amaranth oil

Amaranth oil can be used to treat and prevent a variety of diseases, and it has no contraindications to the use, in addition to the constituents of personal intolerance oil. The oil contains:

  • • Squalene;
  • • complex vitamins;
  • • Macro and micro elements;
  • • Carotenoids;
  • • Phospholipids;
  • • Phytosterols.

Thanks to this unique composition, amaranth oil has a positive effect on the entire body. But the best amaranth oil affects the skin, thanks to its high content of squalene. The skin is cleansed, rejuvenated, are issues such as acne, acne, oiliness or dryness of the skin.

Use amaranth oil can be both internally and externally, it is a unique universal tool that will help you significantly improve the condition of his body.

Here you can buy at the price of amaranth oil producer, and protect themselves against counterfeits. For our part, we always guarantee fast delivery and high quality products.

Order our amaranth oil, and you can forget about most of the health problems!

Buying original 100%  amaranth oil from the manufacturer, you can count on its effect properties.

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Удобно принимать, все понятно

Долго ждала этот натуральный продукт в капсуле, так как не могу принимать растительное масло ложкой. Купила, попробовала, все идеально и с дозировкой теперь все понятно! Спасибо Вам большое!

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