Amaranth oil first cold pressing (100%) 5 l

Amaranth oil first cold pressing (100%) 5 l

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  • Эkolohychesky chystoe lechebnoe amarantovoe oil and yzhotovlennoe rasfasovannoe in our shops. Excellent for podoydet of ..
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Эkolohychesky chystoe lechebnoe amarantovoe oil and yzhotovlennoe rasfasovannoe in our shops. Excellent for podoydet of treatment, Prevention and podderzhanyya tone for the organism. No blog contraindicated for Application 100% naturalnыy composition konservantov and without additives. Yzhotovleno tradytsyonnыm by technology, by cold otzhima semyan amaranth, without termoobrabotky of application, Thanks to chemu persists pryrodnыy composition of the oil and all the ego Useful properties.

Composition and Application of amaranth oil cold otzhima

Amarantovoe oil pervogo otzhima cold, completely naturalnыy product kotoryya yzhotavlyvaetsya us IZ amaranth vыraschennoho our fields. We are not at prymenyaem Growing herbytsydы, pestytsydы and chemicals udobrenyya, Therefore all raw materials and oil, respectively amarantovoe эkolohychesky chystoe and no blog nykakyh impurities.

The composition of amaranth oil unykalen in Nam soderzhytsya:


  • • Squalene;
  • • phospholipid;
  • • karotinoidy;
  • • Fytosterolы.
  • • complex vitamins;
  • • The complex macro and mykroэlementы;


Thanks to this unykalnomu composition, amarantovoe oil can Apply for Prevention of treatment and Most diseases.

Useful to Ono at:


  • • obesity and problems with vesom;
  • • The disease gastric intestinal tract;
  • • For Prevention onkozabolevanyy;
  • • When hynekolohycheskyh disease;
  • • At problems with hair and kozhe;
  • • To Increase immunity;
  • • When respyratornыh and prostudnыh diseases.


Data Continue list can be Very debt, Ved amarantovoe oil to Total Almost useful to the organism. Not recommended Apply Only when oil zhelche-kamennoy disease, so stymulyruet As Ono Exit Speed ​​IZ bile stones bubbles. In Most disease, amarantovoe oil can kachestve bioadditives in the Use and How Basic funds for treatment.

In our stores, you can buy amarantovoe producer of oil from Samoa to dostupnoy price. All Products sertyfytsyrovannaya in oryhynalnoy packaging.

Request a amarantovoe oil already today, and vы guaranteed protection of themselves as poddelky, and Smozhe Significantly uluchshyt own way STATUS health.

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