Bio Amaranth feed additive

Bio Amaranth feed additive

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  • The quality of animal feed determines their growth, productivity, health and many other factors that are very important ..
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The quality of animal feed determines their growth, productivity, health and many other factors that are very important for any livestock breeder. That is why, if the feed does not contain the required amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, dietary supplements are used to balance the diet of animals. Additionally, supplements are used to get the best results in gain or performance.

Composition and application of amaranth granulated cake:

     We produce this dietary supplement from raw materials that are grown in our fields. Therefore, we can always guarantee high quality and environmental friendliness of our product.

Composition: amaranth cake is obtained during the production of amaranth oil.

     Despite such a simple composition, amaranth cake is very effective, since amaranth is a valuable food crop, rich in all the substances necessary for life. In terms of nutritional value, amaranth even has an excess of protein and karatin, so it simply does not have time to be absorbed. That is why amaranth is used not as a main food, but as a dietary supplement to the main feed.

     But in this capacity, a granular dietary supplement is very effective, since in addition to its high nutritional value, amaranth has many advantages. The most important of them is that the food is universal and suitable for any pets and birds.

     The dosage of amaranth supplements is also universal, regardless of the type of bird or animal. For birds, it is recommended to add 15-25% dry amaranth granules to the main feed to the feed. For animals, you need to add a little more 20-30% to the main feed. This amount of amaranth dietary supplement in feed is quite enough to achieve good results in animal husbandry.

The supplement is supplied in packages of 1, 5 and 25 kilograms, depending on your needs. For large farms, there is a wholesale supply.

Results from the use of amaranth supplements in feed:


     The main difference between our dietary supplements from most that you can buy in veterinary pharmacies or stores is its environmental friendliness. We do not add artificial vitamins or preparations to protect animals from diseases. Amaranth, due to its components, does not need any additives other than fats, proteins and carbohydrates, it contains many vitamins and minerals, as well as biologically active substances that are easily absorbed by the body. Therefore, if you use a dietary supplement made from amaranth, then you can get environmentally friendly products, this applies to both meat and milk and eggs.

     When using a dietary supplement from amaranth, the growth increases to 25%. At the same time, the quality of meat and the health of animals are also improved. Therefore, if you want to achieve a quick and high-quality result when raising animals, then the amaranth supplement is your irreplaceable assistant.

     If you use an amaranth feed additive when feeding sheep, goats and cows, then you will increase the milk yield and fat content. Each animal's milk yield and milk quality increase individually, but as the studies have shown, productivity is guaranteed to increase.

     In birds, when using amaranth supplements from amaranth, not only growth increases. The egg production of productive poultry is also significantly increased, thereby increasing the profitability of any egg production.

     The general effect for all pets is to increase immunity and disease resistance. Even the rabbits, which are most susceptible to infection deaths with amaranth supplements, tolerated infections easily.

As you can see, amaranth cake is an excellent solution for any breeder, especially if you care not only about productivity, but also about the environmental friendliness of your products.

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