Phyto "Amaranth mix with Melissa and lofant"

Phyto "Amaranth mix with Melissa and lofant"

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  • Unique amaranth tea made  with the addition of lemon balm and lofant. An excellent tool for prevention and treatment. A..
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Unique amaranth tea made  with the addition of lemon balm and lofant. An excellent tool for prevention and treatment.

Amaranth tea with lemon balm and lofant, our unique development, which is in great demand among our customers. The tea contains not only six varieties of amaranth, but additional medicinal herbs are added in the right proportions so that the tea has the most beneficial effect. Tea is perfect for many people, it helps with stress and restores strength, therefore, for city dwellers, it is simply irreplaceable. It is enough just to exchange your morning coffee for a mug of aromatic and tasty amaranth tea, and in a few days you will notice how your well-being will improve.


Application and properties of amaranth tea with lemon balm and lofant

It is possible to use amaranth hour with lemon balm and lofant for both prevention and treatment of diseases. In addition to the beneficial effect of amaranth, the effect of tea is enhanced by lemon balm and lofant, therefore it is very useful and has no contraindications for use.


Herbal tea amaranth mix with lemon balm and lofant can be used for:

· Improvement of the skin condition;

· Improvement of the gastrointestinal tract;

· Normalization of weight and stimulation of metabolism;

· Removing fatigue and calming the nervous system;

· Normalization of sleep;

· Strengthening the immune system;

· Removal of tumors and inflammations on the skin;

· Treatment and prevention of liver and kidney diseases;

· Prevention and treatment of cancer;

· Relief of pain and inflammation in joints and bones.

The main healing effect in tea is provided by amaranth, which is rich in nutrients that have a positive effect on the entire body. Amaranth has a high content of squalene, so it has a very positive effect on the skin, and helps to get rid of acne, acne, rashes, and helps to treat most skin diseases.

Melissa, found in tea, is an excellent sedative that helps to normalize the nervous system and improve the functioning of the circulatory system. It is often used to lower blood pressure.

Lofant Tibetan, one of the most powerful natural biostimulants, it is recommended for seriously ill patients and people who are recovering from a long illness. In addition, it is recommended for children to accelerate the development and strengthen the immune system. Lofant is often called northern ginseng, as it is similar in action to this medicinal plant.

Thanks to the correct combination and proportion of medicinal herbs, our herbal tea from amaranth with lemon balm and lofant has a powerful effect on the body, helps it to improve its health and protects against most diseases. In addition, it perfectly calms the nervous system, so it is perfect for people who are often exposed to stress or nervous tension.

Brewing tea is very simple, just pour boiling water over one teaspoon of the leaves and leave for five minutes. It is recommended to drink tea in the morning and in the evening 20 minutes before meals, and after a few days you will notice a significant improvement in well-being.

Here you can buy herbal tea amaranth mix with lemon balm and lofant at the most favorable price. Our company "Amaranth Ukraine" is a manufacturer of amaranth products. We grow, collect, dry, process, mix in the right proportions and pack the tea ourselves. Therefore, by ordering tea from us, you are guaranteed to protect yourself from counterfeiting and get a high-quality and healthy product.

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пока не определила


немного странный вкус, но к нему можно привыкунуть

Наслушалась и начиталась про амарант. Купила практически все. Чай попробовала первым. Его надо пить довольно горячим тогда привкус травы практически исчезает. Пью всего неделю и потому ничего пока не заметила Буду пить дальше в надежде получить видимые результаты для себя. Если такие результаты будут - думаю, что начнут пить чай и другие члены семьи

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Помогает похудеть и избавится от прыщей


Не берусь сказать

Амарантовый чай я купила, когда начинала диету, как дополнительный источник витаминов. Но сам чай мне очень понравился, и за два месяца я к нему очень привыкла и продолжаю пить дальше. Вес обратно как раньше не возвращается, как это было раньше, и что самое лучшее у меня полностью прошли прыщи, которые мне немало досаждали, а кожа стала более мягкой и упругой. Наверное, еще попробую и амарантовое масло, только нужно проконсультироваться, его вместе с чаем можно применять или нет.

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