Amaranth natural cosmetic oil.

Amaranth natural cosmetic oil.

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  • Amaranth oil cosmetic   A modern solution for maintaining healthy and youthful skin, this amaranth cosmetic oil, which..
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Amaranth oil cosmetic


A modern solution for maintaining healthy and youthful skin, this amaranth cosmetic oil, which is not simple, is the best tool for those who take care of their beauty, but also very convenient to use, due to its compact package in the form of a small bottle.


What is amaranth oil?



Amaranth is a potent herbal remedy, which contains squalene, which in turn is a powerful activator for the rapid penetration of nutrients and medicinal substances into the deep layers of the skin. In addition, the oil is rich in vitamins A, E and F, which are essential for the health and beauty of the skin at any age.


Cosmetic oils are an excellent remedy for combating dry skin, premature wrinkles, as well as various rashes and acne. Due to its structure, namely, amaranth cosmetic oil, acts not only on the surface layer of the skin of the face, but also penetrates into deeper pores, where it stimulates cells for the process of natural rejuvenation and renewal of the lipid layer.


Rich composition of amaranth oil


Another name that amaranth oil bears is "Aztec gold". This is a completely, one hundred percent natural product, which is obtained by cold pressing. Thanks to this particular type of oil production, the full amount of nutrients is preserved in it.


Substances contained in amaranth oil:


• Squalene - contained in oil, in large quantities. In terms of content, even the shark's liver, in which the content of this substance was first revealed, goes to the far rows. The squalene function was mentioned in the article above.



• Vitamin E - vitamin responsible for youthfulness and beauty of the skin. In amaranth oil, it is contained in its most active form - tocotrienol. Combined with squalene, it is a powerful antioxidant.



• The complex of polyunsaturated fatty acids is Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9.


• Minerals - calcium, sodium, magnesium and phosphorus.


• Vitamins of group B, D and C - improve the absorption of minerals.


• Carotenoids are also the vehicle for the best vitamins and minerals to work.


• Phytosterols - contribute to active protection from ultraviolet rays.


• Amino acids.


Looking at such an impressive list of useful and healing substances of amaranth oil, you can already fall in love with it, even without ever trying it.

Do you know there is a phrase - "love the first time"? Meet, this is it.

The action of amaranth oil on the skin


Amaranth oil is a cosmetic product that really works. You don't need to be a professional cosmetologist and chemist to understand that this oil contains all the most necessary substances, which in turn provide for the skin:


• Removal of irritation and inflammation;


• Fast soothing of the skin after various cosmetic procedures;


• Stimulation of cell regeneration;


• Elimination of itching and flaking;


• Saturation of skin cells with oxygen;


• Smoothing of various types of wrinkles;


• Elimination of scars and scars;


• Protection against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation;



An important fact! Each beneficial effect that amaranth oil has in the cosmetic direction has maximum strength, due to the strong interaction of all vitamins and minerals with each other.



Proper use of amaranth cosmetic oil


If you have definitely decided that amaranth cosmetic oil is something with which you will be close friends for the coming years, then please be patient.

As with any other oil, you should not expect an instant effect. The effect is observed after some time, subject to regular use of the substance.


Important! Amaranth cosmetic oil is safe and does not cause side effects, therefore it is allowed to use it in its pure form for a long time.


Method of using amaranth oil:


a. Apply to the skin with rubbing, massaging movements for 5-10 minutes, wait until it dries completely;


b. For the purpose of treatment, amaranth oil can be applied pointwise, to problem areas of the skin, or add it to your favorite, everyday cream.


c. In addition to facial skin, amaranth oil is also popular for hair and scalp care.


Now a question? Which is better to give preference to? An advertised cream that consists of dangerous additives or a natural product that, in addition to being composed of natural ingredients, is also guaranteed to bring benefits and health?


The choice is obvious!

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