Soap "Amaranth Tenderness"

Soap "Amaranth Tenderness"

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  • Our handmade soap with amaranth oil and amaranth leaves is perfect for almost everyone. Thanks to natural ingredients, i..
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Our handmade soap with amaranth oil and amaranth leaves is perfect for almost everyone. Thanks to natural ingredients, it has no contraindications, even for children. But while it gently and actively affects the skin, and helps it become really tender and silky. Due to its unique composition, soap acts on the skin of any type positively, and helps to return it to a natural healthy state.

Effects of soap with amaranth oil and amaranth leaves

The leaves of amaranth in our soap act as a soft scrub, they gently massage the skin, and at the same time help to clear it of hidden contaminants. Thanks to this, all pores are gently cleansed, and the skin becomes much more tender, cleaner and healthier. Leaflets gently exfoliate the dead skin cells, due to which, the skin begins to update more actively. This is a natural process, therefore, while using soap with scrub, you simply accelerate it, thereby helping to improve the health of your skin.

The second active component of our soap, this amaranth oil, it also actively affects the skin in the best sense of the word. In addition to the mass of substances useful to the skin, amaranth oil is rich in squalene, a substance that is practically a building material for skin cells. Squalene, thanks to its properties, saturates the cells with oxygen and promotes a more active metabolism. Therefore, new skin cells grow without defects, and the skin becomes smooth and clean.

Thanks to this composition, our soap with amaranth leaves has a complex effect, it does not just solve one of the problems, as is often the case with conventional cosmetics. Our soap helps to completely heal the skin and will permanently get rid of the problems. Practically everything can apply it, as it is effective:

  • • To eliminate and prevent acne;
  • • As a remedy for fine wrinkles;
  • • With dry skin;
  • • For problems with oily skin;
  • • For healing of small wounds and abrasions;
  • • To improve the blood circulation of the skin.

Leaves and oil from amaranth in the composition of soap, help the skin to recover, and gives it a healthy shine and beauty. That is why our soap is suitable for almost everyone who wants to make their skin beautiful and will get rid of problems forever.

Features of our soap

Our soap with amaranth oil and amaranth leaves, handmade. It is made from environmentally friendly raw materials, which we grow on our fields. That's why we are always confident in the quality of our products, as we control it from the grain condition, to processing into the finished product.

Additional ingredients for soap, we also buy only from reliable suppliers that can guarantee us the ecological cleanliness of the products. In addition, we additionally control the quality of raw materials, when it comes to us.

The whole process of making soap is under the control of specialists who have extensive experience in producing soap with natural ingredients. Therefore, we always guarantee the high quality of our products, and its effectiveness to solve almost any problems with the skin.

To make an order or to receive additional information, please contact us in any convenient way for you. In our store, the most affordable prices for products from amaranth, as we ourselves grow raw materials and produce it. We work with retail and wholesale orders, with a purchase of 1000 hryvnia, each buyer a guaranteed discount.

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