Soap-scrub with amaranth oil.

Soap-scrub with amaranth oil.

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  • Our handmade soap with amaranth oil and scrub, a cosmetic for skin care with really unique properties. Scrub, actively m..
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Our handmade soap with amaranth oil and scrub, a cosmetic for skin care with really unique properties. Scrub, actively massage the skin, helps to open the pores and clean it, and amaranth oil promotes the saturation of the skin with oxygen and nutrients. The effect is simply unique, and from the first few applications you will see how the state of your skin changes.

How soap works with scrub

Scrub is a very useful component of soap, especially for those with oily skin, and there are problems like acne and acne. After all, the scrub further massages the skin, and helps to clean it, even from those contaminants that ordinary face and body care products can not cope with. As a scrub, we use natural amaranth flour, thanks to this soap gently and thoroughly cleans the skin of all contaminants, leaving no micro scratches like ordinary scrubs of some manufacturers.

The effect of scrub is visible after the first use of soap, because the skin becomes much more tender, and the roughness disappears, since the scrub helps remove old dead skin cells, and frees up space for new growth. Therefore, together with the use of soap with scrub, you will notice how your skin becomes more beautiful and tender each time, and how all the problems go away.

The second not less unimportant element, which is a part of amaranth soap with scrub, is amaranth oil. A peculiarity of amaranth oil is that it contains not only essential oils, vitamins and minerals, but rich in squalene, a substance that saturates the skin with oxygen and promotes active growth of new skin cells.

Therefore, together with scrub amaranth oil gives a powerful effect of solving almost any problems with the skin.

Who will use soap with scrub and amaranth oil

Soap with scrub and amaranth oil can solve many skin problems. Due to its unique composition, it is suitable for all skin types, and does not cause irritation or other side effects. We can apply our soap to solve such problems as:


  • • Oily skin;
  • • Acne and acne;
  • • Formation of fine wrinkles;
  • • Dry brittle skin;
  • • Cracks and scrapes of the skin;
  • • Skin on the palms and feet;
  • • With stretch marks and cellulite.


Such a wide range of action is achieved due to the fact that amaranth, and therefore the active components of soap, is very useful for the skin. After all, squalene, the only substance that can actively affect the skin, restoring its health. It is produced in our body, but in the course of time, all in smaller quantities, and it is the lack of squalene in the opinion of many scientists that causes skin problems, but for each person they Are expressed in their own way. Therefore, if in addition to saturate the skin with squalene, all problems will go away, and the skin will be clean and gentle.

Our soap is handmade, and made of environmentally friendly materials, all stages of production are controlled by experienced professionals. Therefore, we always guarantee to our customers the quality and high efficiency of our products.

Here you can buy soap with amaranth oil and scrub, at the best price. After all, we are a manufacturer. In addition, our soap can be bought only at authorized sales points, or in our online store. Make an order on the site, or contact us in any convenient way to you if you want to receive additional information.

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