Amaranth green seeds for germination Microgreen

Amaranth green seeds for germination Microgreen

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  • Green amaranth seeds for microgreen’s germination Microgreens belong to the modern trend of healthy cooking. It is real..
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Green amaranth seeds for microgreen’s germination

Microgreens belong to the modern trend of healthy cooking. It is really easy to grow plants at home. As a result, it is possible to obtain a natural healthy product, which is worth adding to your daily diet.


Microgreen provides the following advantages:

·        it can be used for the preparation of a variety of dishes – meat, fish, vegetables;

·        it has a splendid taste quality;

·        it contains a large number of useful substances: micro- and macro-nutrients, vitamins, amino acids;

·        it isn’t needed to spend large sums of money to buy seeds and additional equipment for its cultivation.

Microgreen makes it possible to adjust the gardening of products at home. If the process goes well, it will be possible to expand the business and make a profit.

Another important advantage is the fact that there are many ways to grow microgreens. The traditional way is generally used, which involves cultivating them in containers filled with a special substrate based on peat. It is also possible to grow greens on hydroponics. Instead of soil, special nutrient solutions should be used. Perlite, gauze and paper towels serve as a substrate.

What to do with Microgreen afterwards?

The grown products can be used for personal or entrepreneurial needs. In the first case, it is possible to prepare personal meals with the addition of microgreens. These can be salads, vegetable and meat dishes. Furthermore, there is also the option to sell it in batches to cafes and restaurants. Although everything will depend on the volume that can be obtained during the cultivation. The demand for this product both from catering enterprises and ordinary consumers does not stop increasing.

Microgreen is very useful for health. It will be possible to improve the overall condition of the body while consuming at least a small amount of it. The product works to strengthen the immunity, cardiovascular, endocrine, circulatory and nervous systems. After introducing Microgreen into your diet, it will be possible to notice an improvement of nails, hair and skin conditions.

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