Amaranth gold seeds for germination Microgreen

Amaranth gold seeds for germination Microgreen

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  • Golden Amaranth seeds for Microgreen’s germination The first thing to know about Microgreen is that with its help, it i..
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Golden Amaranth seeds for Microgreen’s germination

The first thing to know about Microgreen is that with its help, it is possible to take care of personal health and to keep up with the times. This biogenic product is the food of the new generation. In terms of its properties and quality of useful components, it is 10 times better than conventional products, in particular greens from the garden, vegetables, fruits and berries. This environmentally friendly product is not subjected to thermal or mechanical treatment.

Microgreens are young sprouts of greens with the age of 7-10 days. It is at this age that the maximum concentration of vitamins, minerals, fiber is available. These substances are useful for the whole body.


The peculiarity of the product is its unique taste. A salad or cocktail of Microgreens tastes in a new way. Many restaurants that have realized the uncommonness of microgreens offer to their customers a wide variety of dishes where this ingredient is used.

Microgreens acts as a garnish. They don’t only decorate the dish, but also gives an original touch to it. Microgreen from amaranth is served with vegetables, meat, fish and canapés. It matches well with cucumbers, tomatoes, cabbage, as well as apples and pears.

It can be used to make cocktails and smoothies. The sprouts need to be ground to a homogeneous consistency. All the ingredients should be placed in a blender, then you will get a healthy and delicious drink.


Microgreen is unique in the fact that even when consumed daily in small doses, it will have great health benefits:

·        improves the structure of the skin, hair and nails;

·        rejuvenates cells and skin;

·        strengthens and accelerates the growth of nails and hair;

·        improves the digestive function;

·        normalizes the blood;

·        strengthens the immunity;

·        slows down the aging process by creating a protective barrier.

Microgreen improves and controls blood sugar levels and cleanses the body from toxins. Furthermore, it helps to lose weight, makes the skin healthy and beautiful. It isn’t necessary to be a vegetarian to switch to healthy and organic food. It is just needed to add Microgreen into the personal diet.

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