Halva with amaranth flour

Halva with amaranth flour

How often do you buy sweets or how often do they ask you in the store. But on the shelves of shops you can find only sweets with a high content of sugar and gluten, which are not very useful for health and figure. So why not make delicious and useful sweets at home, especially it's not difficult, and it will not take long. We offer you a recipe for a delicious and healthy halva, which you can always prepare at home.


  • • Walnuts 150 grams;
  • • Amaranth flour 180 grams;
  • • Water 100 grams;
  • • Sugar 300 grams
  • • Vegetable oil half a cup;
  • • Vanillin.

In a frying pan, whole walnuts are roasted well, after frying them, it is necessary to crush them or you can grind them on a coffee grinder.

Fry the amaranth flour well in a frying pan until a uniform golden color appears, as the halva will not pass another heat treatment.

Thoroughly mix the flour and nuts in dry form, this will be the basis of halva.

Put the water on the stove, and pour the sugar into it. On medium heat stirring the syrup bring it to a boil.

When the syrup begins to boil, remove it from the plate, and in hot add vegetable oil and vanillin to taste. Stir well to allow the oil to dissolve in the syrup.

After that, just add the syrup to the mixture of nuts and amaranth, and mix very thoroughly to make a homogeneous mass.

Take parchment paper, grease it with oil, and lay it on a parchment with a spoon. You can use the paper to give the desired shape to the halva. Halva should be put in the refrigerator until completely hardened.

This recipe is universal, you can change the walnuts to peeled sunflower seeds or pumpkins, other nuts, make a mixture of different nuts. Halva is very tasty, and thanks to the amaranth, it is also very useful, and even despite the high sugar content, it does not harm the figure. Such a halva you are guaranteed not to buy in the store. You can serve it for tea or coffee, and it is guaranteed to become one of the favorite dainties of children.

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