Flat cakes from amaranth flour

Flat cakes from amaranth flour

If you are a fan of Indian cuisine, then you will find dishes from amaranth, since in India, amaranth has been grown in mountainous areas for more than two millennia, and Indians are well aware of the benefits of amaranth. We present to your attention a recipe for low-fat, low-calorie cakes that will perfectly suit your diet. They are tasty and healthy, and that the most important is nutritious and low-calorie, so you can use them even with a diet.


  • • Whole grain amaranth flour 200 grams;
  • • Mashed potatoes 100 grams;
  • • Chili pepper 2 pieces;
  • • Cumin, cilantro, coriander and salt;
  • • A little melted butter (ghee).

In a bowl, amaranth flour is poured into which is added mashed potatoes and chopped chili pepper. Pepper first need to get rid of the seeds, and only after that cut into the smallest pieces so that it is evenly distributed throughout the mass of the dough.

Further, cumin, chopped cilantro leaves and salt to taste are added. The resulting mass is best mixed first in a semi-dry form, after which add a little water and knead an elastic dough.

The resulting test dough should be spread on all sides ghee, put it on the bottom of the bowl and cover it with a lid. To all the ingredients came in readiness, and the taste of chili evenly distributed throughout the test, it should be left for 10-15 minutes.

After the dough has been brewed, it is divided into three equal parts and rolled into the shape of a ball.

On the table spread the foil, and grease her ghee, you also need to lubricate the rolling pin with oil, so that the dough does not stick to it.

Then roll each ball on the foil. If the dough starts to stick a little, then again lubricate the foil and rolling pin with oil. The flat cakes of the valley are round and of equal thickness throughout the surface.

Cakes are fried in a well-heated dry pan. To make the cakes do not stick to the frying pan, the bottom surface should be oiled. Before turning the cake, pre-lubricate its upper side. Each side should be fried for 2-3 minutes.

Cakes are served hot, because they lose a part of the taste.

To cook these scones you do not need to be a master of Indian cuisine. But you can easily surprise the guests with a new dish, and show your skills. Fans of the sharp will just be delighted. In addition, such tortillas are not just delicious but also very useful thanks to amaranth.

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