Salad of amaranth with tuna

Salad of amaranth with tuna

Find a recipe for a new and original salad, even on the Internet is now difficult, because they either repeat each other, or require ingredients that buy in a simple store, it is quite difficult. Therefore, we offer you to prepare a tasty and useful salad with tuna and amaranth, which can also be used as a main dish.


  • • Onion 100 grams;
  • • Wine vinegar coffee spoon;
  • • Tuna canned in oil 150 grams;
  • • Half a sweet red pepper;
  • • Sea salt (can be replaced with regular salt);
  • • Amaranth grain 150 grams;
  • • Red beans in their own juice 100 grams;
  • • Half a teaspoon oregano.

Onion finely chopped, add vinegar and salt. Onion and vinegar you can use the one that you like best. The resulting mixture should be infused, so that the vinegar and onions create their own unique taste, and that the onion was not very noticeable in the salad.

While the onion is infused, it is possible to prepare an amaranth. To do this, rinse it and pour it with water. Water should be twice as much as amaranth, and salt to taste. Cook over low heat until ready. Usually it's 15-20 minutes, but be sure to try if the amaranth is ready.

If there is water in the pan, gently drain it and allow the amaranth to cool for 5 minutes. After this, add the onion to the amaranth, and mix with a spoon.

Next add the tuna, if the tuna is not in oil, but in its own juice, then you just need to drain the liquid, and instead of it add the butter in the salad.

The last ingredient is red beans, it is also mixed in a salad.

Lay the salad on a plate, and cut into small cubes from above to decorate the salad. Sprinkle oregano, or another fragrant herb that you have.

The salad is ready, you can serve it on the table.

This salad is very tasty, nutritious and healthy, it will appeal to both your family and guests. In addition, it is easy to prepare and it does not take much time. So if you decide to add an amaranth to your diet, then this salad is perfect for you. After all, amaranth is useful in any form and any dish, and it is not necessary to limit oneself to porridge only.

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