Cheesecakes with amaranth flour

Cheesecakes with amaranth flour

Tasty and healthy dishes with an amaranth are easy to prepare, and any mistress can do it. Here we will tell you how to prepare syrniki with amaranth flour, which are perfect for breakfast or dinner for the whole family. Cheesecakes are very delicious and nutritious and useful. Especially they will be useful for breakfast for schoolchildren, who need a lot of vitamins and nutrients. As is known, amaranth flour is the leader among the products in this regard.


  • • Curd 250 grams;
  • • Amaranth flour 100 grams;
  • • Egg 1 piece;
  • • Oat flakes 85 grams;
  • • Vanillin;

To begin with, the cottage cheese in the bowl is well kneaded with a fork so that there are no clots and lumps, until the state of a homogeneous mass. Cottage cheese should not be dry, because otherwise it will be very difficult to mix it with flour.

In the cottage, the egg is broken, mixed, then amaranth flour and vanillin are added.

Cottage cheese and flour are thoroughly mixed until the condition of a thick, homogenous dough.

Oat flakes should be crushed to the state of crumbs. To do this, they can simply be crushed so that they have acquired the desired texture.

Prepare a baking tray. It is desirable to lay a bottom with baking paper on the bottom so that the cheese cakes do not stick. If baking paper is not at hand, then you can grease the baking sheet with oil.

From the dough, small cutlets are formed, which need to be well rolled in oat flakes. They are neatly laid out on a baking tray, so that there is a distance between them.

The oven needs to be warmed up to 180 ° C, after which to put the cheese cakes into it. Bake syrniki need 25-30 minutes to make amaranth flour well prepared.

On the table you can serve cheese cakes with honey, jam, jam or sour cream, they are very beautiful and delicious.

Such cheese cakes are very tasty and useful, you can cook them for yourself and for guests. After all, cheese cakes have a very nice nutty taste thanks to amaranth flour, so they are guaranteed to please both adults and children.

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