Stewed amaranth with garlic

Stewed amaranth with garlic

Summer is a time when you need to store your body with vitamins and actively drive the fat that accumulated over the winter. And even if you do not have weight problems, you will still like this recipe, as this dish is a real concentrate of vitamins and nutrients, which, as is known in the amaranth, contains a lot.


  • • Young leaves of amaranth;
  • • 3-5 cloves of garlic;
  • • Tomato paste;
  • • Spices;
  • • 30-40 grams of peeled sunflower seeds or pumpkin.

The green of the amaranth falls into boiling water, so that the water completely covers it and is covered with a lid. You need to hold the greens in boiling water for 10 minutes.

When the green will soften, the water will drain completely. Greens need to be cut into small pieces, so that they are easy to extinguish.

The frying pan warms up the oil, after which it is added finely chopped garlic, and then seeds are added. All this is a little fried in a frying pan.

When the seeds and garlic are fried, add the prepared greens of amaranth and tomato paste. Spices are added to taste, some mistresses recommend using spicy herbs.

You need to extinguish it to the state of readiness, which you can simply identify to taste.

This dish of green amaranth leaves is perfect for women on a diet and with vitamin deficiency. If desired, you can stock up the leaves of the amaranth in summer and freeze them, so that you can at any time prepare yourself not only a tasty but also a useful dish. After all, if you watch your health, the stewed amaranth greens are an excellent helper for cleansing the body and improving health.

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