Treatment of amaranth psoriasis

Treatment of amaranth psoriasis

Amaranth - a new word in the treatment of psoriasis

The diagnosis of psoriasis sounds to the patient as a sentence, because modern medicine has not yet had time to study this disease, and accordingly develop effective methods of treatment. Preparations that doctors use in traditional medicine, allow just a little to heal psoriasis and achieve incomplete remission, but at the same time harm the entire body. Yes, and the cost of treatment is very expensive, since most of the drugs have just begun to be produced and they have to be ordered. And if we talk about specialized clinics, then the amount that will have to pay for the treatment will be just cosmic for the average person.


What we know about psoriasis


The least known to doctors about the causes of the appearance of psoriasis, it is not an infectious disease, and it becomes impossible to get psoriasis. But with this psoriasis can appear in almost any person, regardless of his age and lifestyle. And there is psoriasis at first in the form of small plaques of rough and bumpy skin, and after that starts to progress.

All that doctors can achieve is simply to suspend psoriasis a little, and not let it develop. But even such treatment is not available to the average person because of its high cost. There are also alternative ways of treating psoriasis, but they too do not give a permanent cure effect.


Below we will talk about the almost unique way to cure psoriasis, and forever get rid of this disease!


The cause of the appearance of psoriasis is considered by many factors, such as:


  • · Genetic predisposition;
  • · Improper nutrition;
  • · Nervous tension and stress;
  • · Poor ecology;
  • · Use of detergents;
  • · Alcohol consumption.


But in two patients with the same type of psoriasis, all these factors can completely differ, so the cause of psoriasis remains a mystery. Psoriasis can appear on any part of the body, from earlobes to nails, which makes it also much worse than other skin diseases.

With psoriasis, skin cells begin to divide too quickly, and do not have time to ripen. It is these immature skin cells that make plaques of psoriasis. Even complete surgical removal of plaques does not give a positive result, as they return again. Practically half of the patients develop psoriatic arthritis, which is much more painful than arthritis of the common. Especially often this occurs at a late stage of the disease.

But let's not talk more about the horrors of psoriasis, but let's move on to how it can be cured. It's with this goal in mind that we wrote this article to tell you about a new method of treatment.


Features of treatment of psoriasis with amaranth


In order to understand the usefulness of amaranth in the treatment of psoriasis, at first we need to sort out a little in psoriasis, as well as in the composition and properties of amaranth.

So, the main reason for plaques of psoriasis on the skin is the immature skin cells. If they were ripe, then there were no formations on the skin. B. And what is the reason for this? Naturally, the skin cell can turn out to be underdeveloped primarily because of a lack of nutrients for maturation. These are vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, but in the first place it is squalene, which in small quantities can be produced by our liver, and which is one of the most necessary substances with the growth of skin cells.

Oddly enough, scientists still did not pay attention to this aspect when researching psoriasis. After all, psoriasis can also lead to a violation of the synthesis of liver squalene. Studies are conducted at the genetic level, but only with respect to the skin, and the body should be considered as an integral system, and not separately.

But squalene is important not only for the skin, lack of squalene can lead to deterioration of immunity, the onset of cancer, problems with the cardiovascular system and many other diseases. And if the liver barely copes with the load, and does not have time to synthesize squalene, it is worthwhile to help her in this, saturating the body with squalene from external sources.

The best source of squalene from all known to mankind is amaranth grain. In it, depending on the variety, 7-9% squalene. This is an invaluable source of this protein for our body. And to better assimilate squalene organism, it is best to take amaranth oil, orally and apply to damaged areas of the skin, in this case it is perceived by the body in the largest possible amounts.

Therefore, amaranth is a unique natural remedy that will really help get rid of psoriasis forever and forget about this terrible disease. Amaranth oil and amaranth based diet have already been tested in clinical settings as a means of treating psoriasis, and studies have shown very good results. Psoriasis completely went away in just two months of treatment, and the pigmentation of the skin was completely restored in six months, while the patients recovered completely, there were no new formations on the skin and the patients were able to return to full-fledged life.

Similar results with the use of medications can not be achieved, since most of them do not treat, but simply delay the development of the disease. Therefore, a patient with psoriasis becomes a regular pharmacy client and a frequent visitor to a dermatologist.


Why is it best to treat psoriasis with an amaranth?


The answers to this question are several and the most important of them, the fact that the amaranth, even compared to the cheapest medications for psoriasis, is even cheaper. Therefore, a person with any income can afford a course of treatment with amaranth oil and a diet with an amaranth.

In addition, amaranth is a natural product that does not harm the body as a pharmacological development. He gently, naturally, affects the body and helps him cope with the disease. It is this type of treatment that leads to the development of immunity to any disease, including psoriasis, you can be sure, he will not return to you. Psoriasis, even when exacerbated, does not require a sharp pharmacological intervention if you plan to start a full course of treatment with amaranth.

Amaranth is not an imported product, we can always buy products from amaranth, grown in Ukraine in ecologically clean conditions. We guarantee each customer the high quality of our products.


How to treat psoriasis with amaranth?


The most important element for the treatment of psoriasis is the amaranth oil of the first cold pressed. It has the same percentage of squalene as in the amaranth seed. Therefore, for treatment of psoriasis use it.

Oral take two teaspoons of amaranth oil in the morning and in the evening. This amount is enough to saturate the body with squalene. In addition, amaranth oil contains a unique complex of vitamins, minerals and substances beneficial for the body. Therefore, almost all the squalene is absorbed by the body and its recovery begins.

Also every day after, it is necessary to smear the damaged skin with a small amount of amaranth oil. It is applied to the damaged skin and adjacent areas with a sterile swab. The procedure should be repeated 2-5 times a day. This greatly speeds up the healing process, and additionally saturates the skin with squalene. Therefore, the process of healing and natural rejection of plaque psoriasis by the body will pass much faster.

The first results, you will see after 7-10 days, plaques of psoriasis of any type, begin to decrease, and the bumpy surface is gradually replaced by a smooth and healthy skin. And what is worth noting is not just remission, or stopping the development of psoriasis, but its full treatment, the most important is not to interrupt the course until all the formations of psoriasis disappear from the skin. Depending on the severity of the disease, it may take from two weeks to two months for treatment.

In addition to amaranth oil in your diet is recommended to add dishes from amaranth flour, cereals or grains. It is advisable to consume 100-150 grams of cooked amaranth porridge or flour. This will help maintain a normal balance in the body of all the substances necessary for life, and also help to speed up the healing process.

Amaranth oil and porridge help to cleanse the body, and this is important for all patients with psoriasis, since the drugs that are used to treat psoriasis are mostly harmful to the body. Therefore, using products from the amaranth, you will not only get rid of the disease, but also be able to regain health and well-being.


Possible side effects and contraindications

If you start treatment of psoriasis with amaranth oil, then you should be prepared for some side effects. There's nothing to worry about, and you do not have to worry, because just a week the body gets used to it, and side effects go away.

The most common side effects are:


  • · Headaches (minor);
  • · Dizziness;
  • Nausea or vomiting after taking oil;
  • · Diarrhea;
  • · Heartburn.


These side effects are provoked by the fact that the organism thanks to squalene is actively saturated with oxygen, and the work of all organs and systems is activated. Therefore, the body needs time to get used to a new healthier state.

From the skin, you too can feel an intensification of itching and slight burning during the first week of treatment. This also happens as a result of activation of normal growth of skin cells. This reaction also takes place within a week, the skin calms down and a quick recovery process begins.

In no case do not allow overdose of amaranth oil when ingesting it. The initial dose of butter is two teaspoons in the morning and evening. In a month, it can be increased to two teaspoons three times a day, but this is the maximum. More than three times a day, you can not take amaranth oil inside, as this will lead to an overdose that can cause an allergic reaction.

Concerning contraindications, it should be noted that amaranth oil has practically no effect. The only thing is the intolerance of the body to one or several substances that are contained in the amaranth. Intolerance is usually expressed as a rash or other allergic reaction of the body.


Prevention of psoriasis


Amaranth oil, useful not only for treatment, but also for the prevention of psoriasis. After all, if you constantly worry, stress and nervous tension, eat wrong, or just live in a big city where the level of ecology leaves much to be desired, then you are at risk, and so you will not be prevented by the prevention of psoriasis.

For the prevention of psoriasis, it is enough to take one teaspoon of amaranth oil in the morning and in the evening. This will saturate the body with squalene and remove the risk of getting psoriasis.

In addition to the prevention of psoriasis, amaranth oil is very useful for health, because it helps to cleanse the body of toxins, heavy metals and radionuclides. In addition, the intake of amaranth oil, even in such small amounts, is tantamount to taking vitamins and minerals to improve well-being.

Amaranth oil also helps you to get rid of any problems with the skin, dryness, fat content, skin diseases, dandruff, pimples and acne, all this is due to amaranth oil. After all, when the skin is saturated with oxygen and nutrients, it becomes clean and healthy. In addition, hair is also significantly improved and will look better than even after the most effective and expensive shampoo. There have been recorded cases when amaranth oil helped with alopecia, however, full studies in this direction have not been carried out, so we will not argue that this is a persistent effect of amaranth oil.




Of course, the fact that amaranth oil helps completely cure psoriasis, and the fact that all doctors do not say it and do not write it out may seem fantastic, but there is an explanation.

Amaranth was undeservedly forgotten for many centuries, and its active cultivation and serious research of its properties began only a few decades ago. The product is honestly not yet popular, and most people just do not know what an amaranth is. But the Inca bread has so many useful properties that even world-famous ginseng can not compete with it. Therefore, amaranth slowly but surely gaining popularity, and you can buy it not only on the Internet, it begins to appear on the shelves of stores, and is in great demand among those who tried it and felt its health benefits.

We will not say that we offer you a panacea, but products from amaranth can cure many diseases and help improve the condition of the body as a whole. And we think a lot. Moreover, to achieve a remission of psoriasis is extremely difficult, and amaranth oil will help you cure it, and avoid relapse in the future. And for this you do not have to go to a hospital or private clinic, it's enough just to take amaranth oil and apply it to damaged areas of the skin at home, the effect is not affected.

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