What is the difference between amaranth flour and meal

What is the difference between amaranth flour and meal

Amaranth cake and amaranth flour, two absolutely different products, which differ in their composition and in their useful properties. Natural amaranth flour is incomparably better and more useful, as amaranth seed meal is just a by-product of butter production. In simple words, the cake is ground amaranth seeds, from which the oil was previously squeezed out. And if the spinning was carried out in a cold way, then a certain amount of useful substances remains in the meal, then when there is hot pressing, there will be no benefit from such a meal.

What is Amaranth Shrot

On some sites, you can meet the claim that the amaranth cake is simply a roughly ground grain, which is slightly smaller than cereals. But there is not even the slightest mention that it is simply a secondary product after the production of oil. The manufacturer sells his goods as a full-fledged amaranth flour. Some manufacturers go even further, selling the cake as a flour from whole grains, thus trying to get the maximum profit.

It is because of such producers and the reputation of amaranth suffers. After all, the buyer hopes to get a full and useful product. Instead, he gets a pacifier, which does not work properly. This is how most negative reviews appear, and the allegations that the amaranth is not as useful as the producers claim.

In fact, crout, like amaranth, and any other culture, it is just a secondary raw material, which is used as a feed material. After all, after the extraction of oil from any culture in the meal itself, enough nutrients remain to use it as a feed for animals. In addition, most of the meals still pass and heat treatment, so they are already almost ready-made food. But it's worth noting that the cake is never used as the main food, but only as an additive, since it does not have the necessary amount of useful substances for full growth.

But still, the meal has some nutritional value, so it can be used as an additive to the main food or for the production of feed. We use amaranth seed meal as an additive in the manufacture of herbal granules from amaranth, because due to the high fiber content, which is not removed from the amaranth grain during the production of amaranth oil, it is a valuable supplement to animal feed.

The consumption of amaranth meal in food

On sale it is often possible to meet a wide variety of sprats, and amaranth cake is no exception. Although as mentioned above, some manufacturers do not mention that this is a secondary product, there are also some that honestly treat customers. Usually, the meal is sold under the guise of dietary products for weight loss.

Indeed, if the oil is removed from the grain, the amount of calories is significantly reduced, especially for crops with a high oil content. The result is a product with a low content of nutrients, calories, and accordingly vitamins minerals and other biologically active substances. Accordingly, the body can not learn anything from it, and accordingly a fairly good dietary product is obtained.

The only really useful property of the meal is that it helps to cleanse the bowels of slags and mucus. After all, in fact, the whole meal is not digested by the body and therefore acts as a corn meal of coarse grinding. But on this all the useful actions of the meal are exhausted, since it is far from full-fledged products, because most of the useful substances are contained in the oil, even in the low-oily cultures to which the amaranth belongs.

Therefore, to name the amaranth seed meal is really useful, as it can not be called harmful. Amaranth cake is a completely neutral product that is slightly more useful than ordinary wheat flour, but it does not have the beneficial effect of such products as cereal or amaranth grain flour. This is worth considering when buying.

Why do manufacturers often give cake for a full product

Amaranth grain, despite its high yield, is a fairly expensive product. If a ton of selected wheat can be bought for 5,000 hryvnias, then a ton of amaranth grain will need to be laid out at a minimum of 35,000. That is why amaranth oil and other amaranth products are more expensive than products from other cereals.

Therefore, even after the extraction of oil, many manufacturers prefer to use cake as a commodity, because raw materials are valuable enough to simply use it for their intended purpose. It helps such producers and the fact that the amaranth cake does not harm the health, and in appearance it does not differ from real amaranth flour. Therefore, to distribute such products receiving superprofits, it is not difficult for them.

But at the same time, the customers themselves suffer, because instead of a quality product they just get a pacifier. And since amaranth flour can be bought mostly only on the Internet, and control over the quality of products is practically not carried out, this unties hands. And as it is not unfortunate the most affected by such machinations is the quality producers. After all, they can not lower the price below the cost of goods, while those who sell raw meal for raw materials do not have to pay, since it pays off when producing oil, and naturally they can sell their products cheaply.

Some manufacturers simply reach the point of absurdity, selling groats and at their request amaranth flour at the same price (while the product is offered by the company whose main activity is the production of oils). Although it is clear to any person that flour will cost several times more, it is the primary product, not the waste of production. But since people are still little familiar with the amaranth, the sellers quite get to deceive them.

What is the value of amaranth flour from whole grains

The value of amaranth flour, and any other products from the amaranth is in a balanced composition. Indeed, in addition to squalene, which is most valuable in amaranth, there are many other substances in its composition, which effectively complement each other's action.

To be honest, it is very long to list the chemical composition of amaranth flour, since it contains a lot of useful substances. And in this respect it will be compared with it, no other flour can. But if you remove a part of the composition from amaranth flour, then it will not be fully useful.

That is why real amaranth flour is produced by the method of cold grinding on special equipment. And only such a product is most useful for health. It is important that the flour contained both the core and the shell of amaranth grain. After all, the shell is a source of vitamins and minerals, and the core is a source of fiber and squalene.

But, unfortunately, there are more than half of the amaranth flour on the market, it is a cake, which is simply given out as a full-fledged product. After all, most people are trying to save, especially in the current situation in the country, and such savings do not bring anything useful. So let's try to figure out what the price of amaranth flour is, and how much it can cost minimally.

The price of amaranth flour

The main costs for the production of amaranth flour, this is the cost of raw materials. The cost of a kilogram of quality purified amaranth seed starts from 50 hryvnia. And this is the cost price of its cultivation and processing, since we grow amaranth ourselves. On the market, such a product will cost more. Therefore, you can doubt the quality of flour, which is sold cheaper, because the cost of raw materials, it's not all production costs.

In addition to raw materials, it is worth considering such costs as:

  • • Packing;
  • • Electricity costs;
  • • Equipment wear and tear;
  • • Wage;
  • • Taxation.

Of course, with constant production, these costs are not large, but still they increase the cost of flour. We manage to keep the price at a low level only thanks to the full production cycle. While producers who purchase raw materials and process it have even greater costs, because the transportation of materials and other costs is added. And we can tell you boldly that if you see amaranth flour at a price lower than ours, then you should think about whether full-fledged amaranth flour or meal, and in the worst case, amaranth flour, diluted with cheap raw materials.

Our production

Our company "Amarant Ukraine" is an enterprise of a full production cycle. We ourselves grow amaranth in our fields. That is why we can guarantee the ecological cleanliness of our products. When growing amaranth, we do not use chemical fertilizers and herbicides. Amaranth grows in environmentally friendly conditions, respectively, and the grain of amaranth is environmentally friendly.

We also clean the grain of amaranth at our facilities. Since the amaranth seed is very shallow, it is very difficult to clean it. Our cleaning equipment was made to order in Germany. Therefore now we can guarantee to clients that all our grain which goes on sale or on manufacture it is cleared from superfluous impurity.

The flour is produced by the method of cold grinding of whole grains, also on special equipment. After that, the flour is packaged in a special package, which protects it from moisture and other negative effects.

All our products are certified and environmentally friendly, and we guarantee its maximum quality to every buyer. Buy our natural amaranth flour from whole grains only in our online store or at authorized points of sale.

Comparative analysis of whole grain meal and flour

In order to better understand what distinguishes cake from amaranth flour from whole grains, let's conduct a small comparative analysis of both their characteristics in cooking and the result from eating.

First, amaranth meal, where it is sold under this kind, it is recommended to eat raw. For one two teaspoons, just squeezed water. The course of this method is 1-2 weeks, just to cleanse the intestines, and then continue the treatment can only with the permission of the doctor.

Amaranth flour is intended for baking, and it can be used for cooking a wide variety of dishes. In the diet amaranth flour is a valuable source of proteins, minerals of vitamins and squalene. To use amaranth flour as raw, as well as amaranth grains is recommended, it does not have to be heat-treated when cooking, it can be added to different dishes in raw form.

If you buy amaranth seed meal and try to knead the dough out of it, then as a result you will get a sticky mass. After all, oil from the cake is remotely and there is only fiber left there, and it will stick to the hands without oil, and in addition such dough will quickly begin to thin out.

The dough made from amaranth flour will be even better than that made from wheat flour. After all, thanks to the unique fine-grained starch that it contains, the dough is easily kneaded, practically does not stick to your hands, and grows well. Baking and bread from amaranth flour is much softer than from wheat flour, they do not stale for a long time, keeping freshness.

But since most recipes with amaranth flour assume its dilution with wheat or other flour, so most of the owners simply do not notice the difference in the test. But here one should remember one thing, natural amaranth flour always improves the test results, and does not worsen them.

About the use of amaranth meal not raw, but cooked, it can hardly be said that something good. From the cake already squeezed a lot of useful substances and squalene, so there are not enough nutrients and nutrients in it. Therefore, its use in food is unlikely to give the desired result. Since you will only eat the remains of amaranth nutrients that have remained in the meal after producing the oil.

Amaranth flour, this is a valuable source of nutrients and nutrients. Adding it to food helps to increase immunity, accelerate metabolism, improve mental performance. For children, baking and porridge from amaranth are a valuable source of vitamins and minerals for growth. Well, of course, we should not forget about squalene, since it helps to saturate the body's cells with oxygen. This list can be continued for a very long time, since amaranth flour is very useful and does not contain gluten. Therefore, it has no contraindications to use as such.

In our store you can really buy amaranth flour from whole grains. All of our products have quality certificates. Therefore, buying from us you are guaranteed to protect yourself from forgery and will be able to get the most benefit from using amaranth flour.

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