Amaranth in type 2 diabetes mellitus

Amaranth in type 2 diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is recognized as one of the non-infectious epidemics of the 21st century. According to statistics, on average, diabetes affects 4-5% of the population, and this number is constantly increasing due to patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus. After all, 1 type of diabetes has a hereditary origin, and therefore it manifests itself in childhood or adolescence. And here are two types of diabetes, a disease that can occur in almost any person, and it is due to these patients that the total number of cases increases.

What is dangerous type 2 diabetes mellitus

Diabetes mellitus type 2 is a pretty insidious disease. In fact, this is a set of metabolic disorders in the body, when the cells simply stop reacting to insulin. The disease develops very slowly, and at the initial stage, a person may not even suspect that he is seriously ill, but simply writes off all the symptoms for fatigue. Although it is at the initial stage of the disease that there is an opportunity to conduct effective treatment and completely get rid of the disease.

Symptoms of type 2 diabetes include:

  • • Impairment of vision;
  • • Chronic fatigue syndrome, or fatigue;
  • • Memory impairment;
  • • Poor wound healing;
  • • Frequent ulcers and abscesses;
  • • Skin problems (frequent fungi, uncaused itching, dryness or fatness);
  • • Increased thirst;
  • • Frequent urination at night;
  • • Pain or tingling in the limbs when walking.

Symptoms can be manifested either singly or in a complex manner, but as practice has shown, in more than 50% of patients the initial stages of type 2 diabetes are generally asymptomatic. Patients learn about their diagnosis with a scheduled blood test, when the disease is already neglected, and much more effort is needed to treat it than at the initial stage.

It is because of mild symptoms that people often simply do not pay attention to, diabetes is not diagnosed, and can develop over the years. And only with serious complications, the patient learns about his disease.

Causes of Diabetes

The causes of diabetes mellitus type 2, are quite diverse, but mostly they boil down to bad ecology and malnutrition. Therefore, almost any person over 30 years of age is at risk, and many already sick people simply do not know about their disease.

To the main cause of diabetes, include the abuse of yeast bread, potatoes and sweets. If we draw a small parallel with this conclusion of doctors, an increase in the incidence of diabetes mellitus in the last century, and an increase in the content of gluten in cereals, it can be assumed that not the last factor is gluten. After all, gluten is the most common supplement in most products, and in bread it is contained in incredibly large quantities.

In addition, the risk of developing diabetes mellitus occurs when:

  • • Traditional diet with low intake of raw plant foods;
  • • Obesity;
  • • Presence of disease in close relatives;
  • • Sedentary lifestyle (sedentary work);
  • • Constant high pressure;
  • • Poor environmental conditions;
  • • Use of low-quality food with chemical additives.

As you can see, the risk group is quite large, therefore almost any person who lives in the city is included in it.

Why amaranth is useful in the treatment of diabetes mellitus

Amaranth is a rather little-known plant, and many know it only as a scab, as a useless, malignant weed. But there are also many cultivars of amaranth, which are very useful and valuable both in agriculture and in the food industry.

The biggest advantage of amaranth is its balanced composition, because 6% squalene, 0.5% tocopherols (vitamin E), 10% phospholipids, 2% phytosterols, up to 50% irreplaceable polyunsaturated linoleic acid are contained in amaranth seed. This composition allows him to gently but effectively influence the body, and restore it. The main active element of the amaranth is, of course, squalene, since it is not found in so many other plants. And squalene in our body is responsible for saturation of the body's cells with oxygen and stimulation of metabolism.

If you briefly describe diabetes mellitus type 2, then it is simply a complex metabolic disorder when the cells stop absorbing glucose from the blood. Therefore, if the normal metabolism is restored, then the diabetes mellitus will pass.

But, unfortunately, most modern medicines can only remove symptoms or simply temporarily improve the patient's condition. Therefore, especially with advanced cases of the disease, treatment must be periodically repeated, and one can not even think about the complete cure of the disease.

Recently, many doctors for the best result began to combine traditional and traditional medicine in order to split the best results. As recent studies have shown, even the use of a small amount of amaranth oil in conjunction with traditional treatment made it possible to achieve much better results than with traditional treatment. And after two weeks a quarter of patients managed to reduce the consumption of sugar preparations, which indicates that amaranth, a powerful tool that can effectively combat type 2 diabetes.

Amaranth among traditional medicine differs not only in a wide range of applications, but also in its effect on the body. It acts in a complex way, and helps the body restore its natural healthy state. And what's the best, he Improves metabolism at all levels. That is why in the treatment of type 2 diabetes, amaranth oil is most effective.

Recommendations for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus with amaranth oil

Amaranth oil has no contraindications to use, it does not interact with medications, so it can be taken in the course of treatment of diabetes mellitus. In addition, amaranth oil is effective at any stage of diabetes, and even if you do not pass, the course of treatment of its use will help you significantly improve your condition.

During the research at the Kharkov Medical University, a minimum dose of amaranth oil was applied, 10 drops before meals. Even such a small dose, with the course of treatment, allowed patients to significantly reduce the level of sugar in the blood. And as mentioned above, a quarter of patients could significantly reduce the consumption of sugar-containing drugs. And this is when taking a minimum dose of amaranth oil, and in just two weeks of treatment.

For effective treatment of diabetes, it is recommended to take two teaspoons of amaranth oil in the morning and in the evening. With time, you can increase the number of receptions then three times a day. It is this amount of amaranth oil that maximizes the effect on the body and helps it cope with the disease.

Amaranth oil should be started to be used in parallel with hypoglycemic preparations, and only when you feel the improvement, gradually reduce the dose of medications. On average, for 2 months of use, you will be able to completely abandon medications and significantly improve your health. But along with this, do not forget about the diet, as the abundant consumption of animal fats and sweet, does not bring health benefits.

At the beginning of taking amaranth oil, minor side effects are possible. They can be expressed in the form of minor nausea, headache, dizziness. The fact is that the body reacts to the active saturation of cells with oxygen, which provokes squalene. But all the side effects go away after a few days of taking amaranth oil, and the body begins to actively recover.

Contraindications or long-term side effects when using amaranth oil was not observed.

Amaranth tea for the treatment of diabetes mellitus

From the best side showed itself in the treatment of diabetes and amaranth tea. After all, some patients with the initial side effects when using amaranth oil decided to go to tea. In folk medicine, there are many recipes for infusions that help in the treatment of diabetes, but amaranth tea, the most effective of them.

Brew amaranth tea for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus is necessary, as in normal use, namely a teaspoon with a slide, 200 grams of water. Tea is infused for 10 minutes, after which it can be filtered or drunk directly from the mug, where you brew it.

Drink tea three times a day for 15-20 minutes before meals. This dosage of tea is most effective in the treatment of diabetes.

Side effects, as with the use of the tea itself, and along with the medication was not observed. Therefore, if you do not want to take amaranth oil, then amaranth tea is also suitable for treating diabetes. But in order to improve your health, you will need a little more time.

Prevention of diabetes with amaranth

As you know, the prevention of disease is always easier than its treatment. Therefore, if you are at risk, then you should think about the prevention of type 2 diabetes. After all, this disease can occur unnoticeably, and you will notice it only in case of serious complications.

For the prevention of type 2 diabetes mellitus, you can use any products from the amaranth, as they will stimulate the metabolism, and maintain the body in a healthy state.

If you decide to carry out prophylaxis with amaranth oil, then it is enough to take a teaspoon of oil in the morning and evening before eating. Even such a minimum dose, will help you saturate the body with squalene, and stimulate the metabolism.

Also effective prevention of diabetes is the inclusion in the diet of products from amaranth. It can be grains, cereals or flour, you can cook with amaranth pastries, cereals, first and second dishes, and thus carry out prevention. Amaranth is very useful for health, it saturates the body with vitamins and nutrients.

The simplest method of prevention is amaranth tea, just drink it in the morning and in the evening, and so you reduce the risk of getting type 2 diabetes by more than 90%.

And, of course, do not forget to consume more plant foods, salads, fruits and healthy vegetables, as this is also one of the best options for preventing many diseases, including diabetes. Green amaranth, too, can and should be consumed in salads, because thanks to its unique composition, they will make them not only delicious but also beneficial to the body.

Amaranth is truly a unique plant that can help with many diseases. It does not act like many medicinal herbs in just one direction. The effect is achieved due to the fact that the body is saturated with squalene and necessary for proper life activity substances. Thanks to this, the body is restored, immunity improves, and the quality of life improves significantly. Therefore, we recommend that you try it in the treatment of type 2 diabetes, because its effectiveness is proven by clinical studies, and it is guaranteed to cope with this disease. Thanks to the amaranth, you can, again return to a full life, and forget about frequent visits to doctors and pharmacies, as well as about feeling unwell.

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